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We hope this blog post will let you in on some of the insights we’ve had when rescheduling our events, as we feel we might have some behind the scenes knowledge that could be helpful and can let you know what other bride and grooms are doing too…

Rescheduling to later this summer:

A lot of couples are struggling with the decision on whether to reschedule for as soon as possible this year or to book for next summer, which is understandable. Lots of people don’t want to wait, particularly for a whole year or arn’t keen on hosting their wedding in winter – you’ve probably planned a summer wedding for a reason and lots of venues arn’t suitable for a winter wedding too…

However, June, July, August and September are peak months for wedding suppliers so a lot of us don’t have much if any any weekend availability during those times this year.

Personally, we also worry that it may be a bit risky doing this too. We don’t think there will be lock-down restrictions in place past June at the latest, but there may still be some restrictions on venues or larger events and gatherings for a time after this and we would just hate for someone to have to reschedule their wedding twice. So in a lot of ways it seems safer to choose a date in 2021 or even just later this year in 2020 and although disappointing it could be a weight off your mind in the coming months!


Insights & tips for rescheduling your wedding due to Covid-19 Licence To Ceilidh

Summer Wedding

October 2020:


The most popular choice we’ve found so far for rescheduling in 2020. It’s past the main peak season so venues have some more availability and we still tend to get some nice weather in October but we felt that we should highlight this is a popular choice so these dates are running out very quickly for ourselves and other suppliers…

Early Summer 2021:

The next popular choice is to change to May or June 2021, as this has the benefit of being next year and past any worry but as early as you can be whilst still having good weather…

Exactly 1 year later 2021:

A number of our bride and grooms have chosen to go for exactly 1 year later which is a nice touch and as mentioned often couples have put a lot of thought into their date and chosen it for a reason. It may have significance for you, you may have chosen for it to be during school holidays or on a bank holiday weekend or you may have picked the time of year due to the venue or for weather reasons.

Mostly our couples are choosing the corresponding Saturday to the one they initially had planned eg. Saturday 23rd May 2020 to Saturday 22nd May 2021.  Which is helping with supplier availability to spread some of the dates our through the year. However, some have chosen to go for exactly the same date in 2021, so moving their event to a Sunday eg: Saturday 27th June 2020 to Sunday 27th June 2021. Which is really helpful for supplier and venue availability if you are able to do that.

Insights & tips for rescheduling your wedding due to Covid-19 Licence To Ceilidh

Outdoor Wedding

Choosing a non-Saturday:

We fully understand many people have chosen to host their wedding on a Saturday for a reason – there’s a reason why Saturday’s have always been the most popular days for weddings and it’s because it sits in the middle of the weekend with time for guests to travel either side and time to relax and recover on the Sunday afterwards. But if you arn’t restricted by this we really do recommend choosing a non-Saturday for your rescheduled date as you’ll have so many more options available to you, more of your suppliers are likely to be available and some may be able to offer discounts for non-saturday’s too, as is common!

One idea could be to choose one of the bank holiday Sunday’s: Easter Weekend, the beginning or end of May or the end of August for instance, as this still gives the same travel and recovery options for yourselves and your guests.

Or for instance if lots of your guests are teachers / retired / self employed you might be able to consider choosing a midweek date or a Friday, possible in school holidays for your special day.

Winter weddings:

As we’ve said before we understand many people dream of a summer wedding or don’t have venue’s suitable for celebrating in the colder months. But if you arn’t restricted by this it could be worth considering a winter wedding. We recommend having a look at some pictures on Pinterest or Instagram for beautiful winter wonderland themed weddings and you might get really excited about this idea! Or a Christmas themed wedding during December…

…December use to be a busy month for many venues and suppliers with corporate bookings and office parties, but there has been a real downturn with this in the last couple of years due to the economy and Brexit etc (we don’t get into it!!!) so lots of us have been finding our Decembers very quiet which will again help you with finding availability that will suit all of your chosen suppliers!

Insights & tips for rescheduling your wedding due to Covid-19 Licence To Ceilidh

Winter Wedding

Choose a few date options:

Our final piece of advice specifically with regards to dates is to pick more than one option for your rescheduled date! Your wedding venue is your first port of call, so try and pencil in 2 or 3 date options that would work for you and your main guests with them with them to save disappointment when you come to ask availability from your other chosen wedding suppliers. We’ve had a lot of couples only pick one date option and then be disappointed when either us or their chosen photographer for example is booked up already. If you’re able to provisionally hold 2 or 3 with your venue you can then settle on the date in the end that meets the majority of your suppliers availability. Like us, everyone else will be happy to pencil your date options into our diary at least with first refusal while you sort out all of the logistic and firm everything up with your venue etc…

Then main thing to remember through all of this is to try and stay positive where you can. No one should have to reschedule or plan their special day twice and it must be so heartbreaking for you to go through. But everyone is in the same boat with the effects of this virus, there’s been serious negative impacts to everyone’s lives and we’re all just trying to navigate our way through this situation as best as we can.

Please contact us with any questions you may have…


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Insights & tips for rescheduling your wedding due to Covid-19 Licence To Ceilidh

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