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Things will be a bit different next year…


If you’re currently planning your special day for 2021 we wanted to give you an early heads up that things will be a little different this year to usual and many venues and suppliers will be booked up for peak dates much earlier than expected due to the knock-on effects of the corona virus… this is because we’re all currently rescheduling weddings and events for this year from mid-march to mid-July and beyond until dates next year! Which can be a lot of bookings and will be a lot of Saturday’s taken up quite soon. So you’ll need to get things booked nice early to save disappointment.

What will be the most popular choices and unavailable months:

Summer is of course always popular for weddings and July and August will always be the favourite months for couples. However, in 2021 May and June have already been booked up quite early, mostly because the Weddings who have been forced to reschedule from this year due to lock-down measures were mostly in May and June so many are choosing a date 1 year ahead, but also anyone whose cancelled early for the months after this are also keen to go for May/June next year as it’s the soonest they’ll be able to hold their wedding but still be in a summer month for the weather…

Plan your 2021 Wedding early Licence To Ceilidh

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Tips and tricks for finding good availability:

If you’re yet to pin down the date we have a few tips for finding maximum availability and also saving yourself a few pennies as well!

A September Saturday:

September is usually counted as a peak season month but it looks likely it will be a lot quieter in 2021 because weddings for September 2020 are not yet having to cancel and at this stage are still very likely to go ahead. So it could be the one month next year that doesn’t have rescheduled bookings in!

Try an off season month:

A key way to find more availability from suppliers is to choose a slightly more non-traditional wedding date, perhaps in a more off season month. You may have already noticed that most venues have a whole table of prices on their website including the different months of the year and days of the week and many other suppliers work in a similar way – offering cheaper prices for low and mid-season months and that’s because they’re generally less commonly chosen so there will be more availability.

Low season tends to be November through February, with October, March and April being mid-season so any of these months will have a lot more availability! We live in England so the chance of good weather is never guaranteed, some find it can be simpler to expect the weather not to be amazing so you don’t get disappointed on the day, but it’s an added bonus if it does end up being nice out. That said you are still very likely to have good weather in April or March. We also tend to have very good October’s in recent years and these months still offer the options of school holiday dates too with Easter holidays and half term.

Winter weddings:

We understand some bride and grooms dream of a summer wedding or the venue they have in mind isn’t as suitable for celebrating in the colder months. But if you aren’t restricted by this it could be worth considering a winter wedding. We recommend having a look at some pictures on Pinterest or Instagram for beautiful winter wonderland themed weddings and you might get really excited about this idea! Or a Christmas themed wedding during December…

Discounts for December 2020:

If you’re booking a more last minute wedding you may even be able to sneak in there with a last minute 2020 date! You’re likely to be offered a great discount for a date late in November or December 2020 as for obvious reasons not as many people are going to enquire or book for later in 2020. But also lots of venues and suppliers increase their prices each year – some may have to do so a little more than usual for 2021 if they’re struggling with the financial loss due to the Coronavirus, so you’ll be sneaking in there scooping up a date before the 2021 price increase!

Plan your 2021 Wedding early Licence To Ceilidh

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Choosing a non-Saturday:

We fully understand many people have chosen to host their wedding on a Saturday for a reason – there’s a reason why Saturday’s have always been the most popular days for weddings and it’s because it sits in the middle of the weekend with time for guests to travel either side and time to relax and recover on the Sunday afterwards. But if you aren’t restricted by this we really do recommend choosing a non-Saturday for your rescheduled date as you’ll have so many more options available to you, more of your suppliers are likely to be available and some may be able to offer discounts for non-saturday’s too, as is common!

How about a bank holiday date:

One idea could be to choose one of the bank holiday Sunday’s: Easter Weekend, the beginning or end of May or the end of August for instance, as this still gives the same travel and recovery options for yourselves and your guests.

Or school holidays:

Or for instance if lots of your guests are teachers / retired / self employed you might be able to consider choosing a midweek date or a Friday, possibly in school holidays for your special day.

We hope this is helpful information and just get in touch if you have any questions.

Most importantly best wishes for your wedding planning! It’s an exciting time for you both and if you experience any stressful moments remember, it will all come together in the end!


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