Larger Line-ups

Larger Line-ups Licence To Ceilidh


Although our standard 5-piece band is great for any size event, it’s always fun to have a bigger band!

We regularly play as a 6 or 7-piece, with Flute & additional Fiddle being the most popular options to add to the sound – but we can offer any size band up to a 12-piece including a full horn section!

Have a browse of our suggested options, if you’ve not seen the instrument you were thinking of why not make a request and we’ll do our best to try to find it (we know a great harmonica player and a fabulous banjo player…)’

Larger Line-ups Licence To Ceilidh


There’s nothing quite like the sound of lots of fiddles playing together! When playing in unison it can be very powerful and when they start harmonising, vibing off each other and playing in different octaves it can be very exciting!

Having extra fiddles really adds to the sound and can be lots of fun!’

Larger Line-ups Licence To Ceilidh


The most popular option at the moment is to add a Horn Section to the band! This really adds to the modern, funky sound of Licence to Ceilidh – think Tower of Power meets Riverdance!

We can offer a 3-piece horn section: Saxophone, Trumpet & Trombone or a 4-piece including a Baritone Sax. Both options work best with some extra tune players added as well (like fiddle & flute) but this isn’t essential.

Larger Line-ups Licence To Ceilidh


When you’re looking for that traditional Scottish sound, it’s an Accordion player that you’re looking for! Adding extra tune & chords to the sound, it’s a great addition to the line-up.

Larger Line-ups Licence To Ceilidh


A Flute & Whistle player is a great addition to the band for any event, but works particularly well for an Irish ceilidh for that extra Irish sound!

Our usual flute/whistle player is our very own, multi-instrumentalist Philippe Barnes who studied flute at the University of Limerick gaining a 1st Class MA in Irish Traditional Music. He has played flute on MTV for Shakira, films including ‘The Imposter’, ‘Dark Horse’ & ‘Brothers of War’, ITV, Discovery Channel, TG4, BBC Radio’s 1, 2, 3 4 & 6 and has toured all over the UK, Europe, America & Australia with the David Munnelly Band & Celtic Jazz Funk group All Jigged Out.

Larger Line-ups Licence To Ceilidh


Why not add a Bodhran player to the band for an even fuller rhythm section! This is also a great option for giving the band an extra Irish touch!

If you’ve not heard of a Bodhran before, it’s an incredible instrument – a traditional Irish frame drum that gives an impressive range of tones. When used along side a drum kit it really fills out the sound, both players can drop in and out at different times so you get chance to hear everything separately too!

“…The bodhran was a great idea and worked very well. I hope we can host another Ceilidh soon…” – Pauline & Sam, Party, Wimbledon