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Online Live Entertainment for at home Christmas Party’s, Office Party’s, Birthday Party’s, St Andrews Night, Burns Night and more… A Zoom ceilidh is a great way to bring your colleagues together in a fun but socially distanced way, or as an activity for entertainment during your online gathering. 

We do all of your favourite well known dances, slightly adapted to be suitable for just 2 people to do on their own in their kitchen or living room, including the Gay Gordon’s, The Dashing White Sergeant, The Virginia Reel, Canadian Barndance, Military Two-step and more! Your attendees will need a partner, or to get creative – dance with a mop, the hover or the ghost in the attic, or just freestyle it! The emphasis is on having fun, just with a bit of guidance and instruction to help you along doing some interactive ceilidh moves all together!

We usually do this as a cut down acoustic style LTC trio, with Caller, Fiddle & Guitar, live from our living room to yours, which can still be provided during local and national lockdowns! Or we can offer a full band filmed in a venue or recording studio for those with a bit more to spend. 

Zoom Ceilidh Licence To Ceilidh

We also offer personalised Celtic Music Message Videos you can buy as a gift for a loved one…


Or just have us play an online musical interlude or background music during a scheduled break in your Zoom / Google Teams / Skype event. Whether it’s a party, online conference or meeting, our Duo can play a live performance for you or send a personalised pre recorded video.

We mostly play online music as a Fiddle & Guitar / Fiddle & Flute Duo but can also provide a trio with a singer / a squeeze box / or flute as well as guitar, it’s up to you! We can also theme our outfits accordingly whether you’re looking for a more Irish or Scottish touch to your event. 

We’ve provided musical breaks over Zoom recently for the NHS as well as lots of private parties. We’ve also performed online live concerts including Facebook Live events for The Bishopsgate Institute, The Irish Cultural Centre Hammersmith, London Ceilidh Club & Irish Music Magazine. 

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Zoom Ceilidh Licence To Ceilidh