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Ceilidh Disco DJ


This is the most popular of all our additional services as it’s cheaper than booking a separate DJ! Our modern, top of the range PA system means that you get the highest quality sounding disco around and we also bring along additional lights!

We offer two disco options, Your iPod or Our DJ’s:

iPod Disco

Your own playlist! For a cheaper option we offer an iPod disco, which is a hire of PA or plug in and play service.

For this you bring along a device of your own (iPod/iPad/iPhone/Laptop/MP3 player - it just need to play music and have a headphones socket) with your own playlist of music on and we put this through our soundsystem after the ceilidh.

DJ Disco

Our specially trained DJ’s will mix the tracks one to another, ensuring there are no gaps between tunes or changes in volume levels. They'll take requests from guests on the night as well as getting guidance from you in advance. We have a large database of music as well as the ability to download songs on the night (Wifi/3G permitting).

Our DJ can also bring and play for your first dance song at the start of the night before we kick off the ceilidh and they will make all the necessary announcements during the disco portion of the night!

Uplighters Additional Lighting LED

Additional Lighting

In addition to the lighting we bring as standard for the Ceilidh & Disco we're also now able to offer an Additional Lighting package of 8 LED Uplighters for the room.

These look great lined down the length of the room in alternate colours, for added decoration and ambience.

Do get in touch for more information - we have lots of photos we can send over to give you an idea of what they look like...

"Please could you pass on our thanks to the band and DJs who kept the party going all night! ...a huge thank you to the two DJs - they played a brilliant mix of music and managed to incorporate all of our requests into the setlist..." - Michael & Rebecca, Wedding, RAC Club, 2011

Photos: Top Box: No.1 Lisa Dawn, No.2 Mister Phill, No3. Ali Barnes, No4. Unknown. In Text: Philippe/Ali Barnes.

Ceilidh Piper


Scottish Highland Piper

...Imagine your guests arriving at your venue and being greeted by a fabulous Scottish Piper in full Highland Dress - they'll feel like they're back in the Highlands!

It's that perfect extra touch to your wedding or corporate event.

It's truly romantic and traditionally Scottish to have a piper play your guests into your wedding ceremony and play as you walk down the aisle. As well as piping you out of your ceremony he would often play again for a short time upon your arrival back at your reception venue and then pipe you into your wedding breakfast later on too. When your church is within walking distance of your reception venue it can be really nice to have everyone walk there as your piper leads the way at the front of the procession!

For a corporate event, have the piper greet guests upon arrival and pipe everyone into dinner! He can also perform the Address to the Haggis for any Burns Night events!

Our usual piper Callum is a young but highly experienced piper, who most importantly is a fantastic player! A talented performer, as well as playing with several pipe bands he was the piper in Steven Spielberg's 2011 film "Warhorse" and also appeared on E4's "Made in Chelsea" with us a few year ago! When he's not on TV he's busy studying at the Trinity College of Music and winning Piping cometitions!

We've booked Callum for hundreds of events over the years and he's always impressed - he's highly reliable as well as being a thoroughly nice chap!

To top it off he also has an incredable outfit! (see photo left)

Our other piper Anthony has been a professional bagpiper for 20 years. He has played with many great bands both traditional and Rock/Roll from Manawatu Scottish Pipeband (Grade 1) to Legendary London Ska Band "The Trojans" who play their mix of Celtic/Jamaican music all over the world from Russia to Japan from Glastonbury to the Fuji Festival.

London Irish Piper

Irish Uilleann Piper

For an Irish / St. Patrick's Day event, or just for something different during your drinks reception or meal why not book our Irish Uilleann Piper!

Colman, originally from Connemara, grew up in London where he was taught to play uilleann pipes, flute and whistle. He was very involved in the Irish scene for many years up until 2005 when he moved over to Ireland for a while to teach music.

He was one of the principal teachers at the London Pipers Club for many years. He won the Uilleann Piper of the Year competition in 2002, becoming a finalist at the Irish Musician of the Year competition held at Hammersmith Irish Centre and in July 2003 and was given the title of All Britain Champion on the pipes.

His various recording credits include: 'Go For It' with the German based band Déirin Dé - 'Shake the Blossom Early', the debut album by London-Irish singer Helen Roch - Harriet Earis’ solo album 'Jumping Ahead' - 'Blue' with Tobias Kurig and Franziska Urton - Imogen Gunner’s debut album.

"Colman played Irish Pipes during our Wedding Ceremony and it was truly beautiful! I've always dreamed of having 'Here Comes The Bride' on the uilleann pipes as I walked down the aisle..." - Ali & Philippe Barnes : Wedding : April 2014 : Buxted Park

Photos: No.1: Maciek Krula, No.2: Luke Grayson


Dinner / Jazz Pianist

If you're thinking about having some live music during your meal why not choose our highly popular Licence to Ceilidh Dinner Jazz Pianist. His usual repertoire is a mixture of well known Jazz standards, some more contemporary popular tunes and maybe a few show tunes mixed in too. It would include some Frank Sinatra classics and hits like Autumn Leaves, Fly Me To The Moon & Misty.

The perfect accompaniment to your wedding breakfast - watch our video to get a good idea of what it would be like:

solo flute jazz irish philippe barnes

Solo Flautist

Our Solo flautist is particularly popular for during a wedding ceremony and can play a mixture of Classical music as well as traditional Irish and Scottish music. You can choose to have our flautist play a traditional Irish flute, a Classical silver flute, or both.

Our usual Flute player is our very own Philippe Barnes who studied flute at the University of Limerick gaining a 1st Class MA in Irish Traditional Music. He has played flute on MTV for Shakira, films including 'The Imposter', 'Dark Horse' & 'Brothers of War', ITV, Discovery Channel, TG4, BBC Radio's 1, 2, 3 4 & 6 and has toured all over the UK, Europe, America & Australia with the David Munnelly Band & Celtic Jazz Funk group All Jigged Out click here to read more about him...

solo violin violinist scottish fiddle

Fiddle Player

Choose a solo Fiddle player if you’re interested in having traditional Scottish or Irish music – for your ceremony. Our fiddlers would most often play a selection of slow airs, waltz and marches - or for later in the day or welcoming guests to your event our fiddle players can play some more up-tempo traditional music, like lively jigs and reels. Our Solo Fiddle spots are most often done by Ali Barnes.


Choose a solo Violinist if you’re interested in having Classical Music.

See our Fiddle pages for more information on our usual violinists and fiddle players

Photos: No.1 Nik Carter, No.2 Unknown

DUOS (Celtic, Jazz, Classical)

Celtic Duo Scottish Irish Fiddle Guitar

Celtic Duo

Add a Celtic touch to your event with a Duo for background music before your ceilidh. Perfect for any aspect of your day - for a drinks reception, during a meal or even during your wedding ceremony (although our repertoire is mostly traditional we can play Here Come's The Bride!)


The Licence to Ceilidh Fiddle & Guitar Duo is the most popular option we offer and is suitable for any event. We play a wide variety of traditional music from upbeat fast paced reels and jigs, too more subdued background music. Our usual set-list would be a mostly Scottish repertoire, but we often play for Irish events too...

Having a Duo can be perfect to lead from dinner to ceilidh, giving your guests a taste of the action to come!

Fiddle Duo Scottish


There’s nothing like the sound of two fiddles together… They generally play the same selection of music as the Fiddle & Guitar duo above.

...Both Fiddle & Guitar, and Fiddle & Fiddle options can be provided acoustically, with a small battery powered amp or fully amplified depending on the size and logistics of your event.


For Celtic tunes with a contemporary touch try the Licence to Ceilidh Fiddle & Piano Duo. A popular combination well suited to Scottish tunes, the Fiddle & Piano Duo does need some amplification (so needs access to power).

Flute Piano Duo Jazz Tom Phelan Philippe Barnes

Jazz Duo


The Licence to Ceilidh Flute & Piano Duo can play a mixture of traditional tunes and/or light Jazz depending on what you're after...


This is our most popular Jazz Duo option. The Licence to Ceilidh Piano & Bass Duo would play a similar repertoire to our solo pianist - a set-list including everyone's favourite jazz standards, contemprary pop and show tunes...

Classical Duo


Our Flute Duo play a large repertoire of Classical music as well as a selection of modern arrangements.

Photos: No.1 Mister Phill, No.2 Unknown, No.3 Nik Carter

TRIOS (Celtic / Jazz)

Jazz Trio

Add another flavour to your day with a different style of music for your drinks reception or as background music during your meal. The Licence to Ceilidh Jazz Trio will play all your favourite Jazz standards as well as some jazzy versions of popular tunes!

Our standard line-up for the Trio is the classic: PIANO, DOUBLE BASS & DRUM KIT

Other line-up's can potentially be organised upon request, however the option above enables the same musicians to play during the day as well as for your ceilidh in the evening - keeping costs down and meaning you only have to liaise with one group of musicians!

Watch our video to see what it sounds like...

Celtic Trio

If you fancy some live music to listen to before the dancing starts but would like to stay on theme, the Licence to Ceilidh Celtic Trio could be just the thing you. It's perfect for some lively background music during your meal or drinks reception and can even be provided for your wedding ceremony. We tailor the music we play to suit the atmosphere of the event, ranging from fast jigs and reels to slow airs and waltzes...

The most common line-up option is: FIDDLE, FIDDLE & GUITAR but FIDDLE, GUITAR & BODHRAN is also very popular. We can also include a Flute player upon request. All options can be provided acoustically, with a small battery powered amp, or fully amplified.

Classical String Quartet

QUARTETS (Classical / Jazz)

Classical Quartet

The Licence to Ceilidh Classical Quartet is one of our most popular additional services...

It's the perfect accompaniment for your wedding ceremony or drinks reception! The ensemble play a large repertoire of classical music including Mozart and Bach, plus more modern arrangements of popular tunes like Jeeves & Wooster, Dancing Queen (Abba), Just The Way You Are (Olly Murs), or even the themes from Star Trek and Twilight!

We can help advise on music selections for each part of your day. We also have a full repertoire document for you to make requests from - if we don't yet have what you're looking for we can arrange any song of your choice for a small additional fee.

Our usual Classical Quartet line-up is FLUTE, VIOLIN, VIOLA & CELLO.

Jazz Quartet

Jazz Quartet Group

Add another flavour to your day with a different style of music. The Licence to Ceilidh Jazz Quartet will play all your favourite Jazz standards as well as some more contemporary pop and show tunes. Our usual set-list includes classics like Autumn Leaves, Fly Me to The Moon and Sinatra hits - we're also happy to take requests

As our musicians are so multi-talented most of the Jazz Quartet members will also be part of your evening Ceilidh band later on, helping to keep the costs down for you and meaning you only have to liaise with one group of musicians!

Our usual Jazz Quartet line-up is FLUTE, PIANO, DOUBLE BASS & DRUM KIT.

"You guys were fantastic. The quartet was wonderful and really provided the perfect atmosphere for the reception..." - Robin & Tryphena

Photos: No.1 (Classical) Artis Studios No.2 (Jazz) Ali Barnes