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Ceilidh Band France

France Ceilidh Band

We are a popular Ceilidh Band in France, regularly crossing the channel to teach ceilidh dances and perform celtic covers across the country.

We’ve previously played in Le Domaine Essendiéras near Bordeaux city, Domaine des Bruguieres near Nice in the French Riviera, Chateau de Puissentut near Toulouse, Cercle de I’Union Interalliée on the Champs-Élysée in Paris and weddings in small villages in Tournon d’Agenais and Grenoble. We have future events coming up in Brittany, 2 Weddings in Montpelier in the south of France again, another in Bordeaux and another visit to Paris coming up next year. We’ve quickly become the most popular ceilidh band in France!

With our unique style and expert Caller we can teach and perform all the classic ceilidh dances but also include a few pop songs afterwards too!

Our caller is experienced with dealing with a mixed nationality crowd and uses extra moves and actions to help the dancers along, but we don’t find there is any language barrier with ceilidh dancing!

Watch the video below of our recent wedding in France at Domaine des Bruguires near Nice, with our 4-piece line-up Caller, Fiddle, Guitar & Bodhran, June 2019

Ceilidh Band France Licence To Ceilidh

We would like to thank you for the amazing ceilidh at our wedding and we really appreciate the effort the band made to come to France. It was a a fantastic evening and all the guests had great fun, even though most of them didn’t know anything about ceilidh before.

Isabella & Tristan : Wedding : Bordeaux France : May 2019

Your Destination Wedding

If you’re destination wedding is in France then we’re the perfect ceilidh band for your special day! We’ve performed 6 times before in France with more French Weddings coming up later this year and next and many other wedding across other European countries. So we’re experienced enough to help with any planning aspects of your destination Wedding reception. We can advice or answer any questions on first dance, timings or any element of your big day!

A Ceilidh is also a perfect way to bring a touch of Scotland or Ireland to your holiday wedding, whether it’s a beach wedding, a large chateau or a small villa. Every venue is suitable and everyone can take part, whether young, old or an international crowd!

(Video from a recent wedding ceilidh August 2019, at Chateau de Puisseutut, nr Toulouse in France – performing as a 4-piece line-up with drums)

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