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Sending love to all our bride and grooms in this difficult time…

We’re mid an unprecedented situation that no one could have expected or has dealt with before and it’s causing a whole host of stresses and worries for us all…

We particularly feel for all of our bride and grooms with weddings coming up that are having to face the agonising reality of cancelling or postponing their special day’s they’ve spent so long planning and the financial implications of this also, it must be terrible. We have heard from our couples that some wedding insurance companies are paying out, but others arn’t depending on your specific policy, which makes everything all the more stressful!

…and we want to personally apologies that we’re not able to help more than we are through this difficult time.

We want to stress that we’re all in this together, we are all grieving and suffering in our own way at the moment and for a number of different reasons. We’ve had a number of couples email this week and mention how things must be easier for us now we’re getting financial help since the government’s announcement on self-employed packages, but we feel that we have to stress that sadly we’re not entitled to that as many thing we are. Despite almost half of our income coming from self-employed work we’re not able to claim anything for these earnings as it’s not over half and we have a limited company. As many do we only take a very small salary from the band due to the seasonal nature of our work and having low profits, but we top this up with our self-employed income and then dividend payments if needed and if available in the business. Dividends are also not included in the government help and we’re also not able to furlough both of us from the band and still keep things running and reschedule everyone’s bookings, so we’re only able to claim back a very small amount for 80% salary for one of us only. With all of our work off, band and self employed, until at least July we’re facing some very difficult and scary times ahead – as i’m sure are many of our couples are too! But we hope that we can all be appreciative and empathetic of one another’s situations, as we know many people are in the same boat.

Some have highlighted that some venues or some of their suppliers have been able to do more for them financially, which is so fantastic. But these are often much larger companies, with big profits in the bank and lots more room to breath. Sadly particularly smaller businesses and suppliers are just not in the same financial situations and will be finding things a lot tougher in the months ahead. It will be the same for many of us in the wedding industry, photographers, caterers, cake makers etc.

If you’re wedding is coming up: If you have a wedding or event booked in with us coming up in July or later and would like to know what the options are if you do end up needing to cancel because of the virus please do get in touch anytime. We are offering different cancellation terms to those in our contract and rescheduling options – many of which are completely free of charge, so please do get in touch if you’d like to see these.

Also, please bare with us regarding availability. We currently have 49 weddings and events were trying to help reschedule as well as all of the other dates already in the diary later this summer / next year. It’s a complete nightmare for everyone involved and we’re just trying to do our best to keep everyone happy. We’re popping all reschedule dates people have enquired about on first refusal on a first come first served basis. So our availability is ever changing, it may be that your chosen date is on first refusal now but that could change. It is always good to have 2 date options or a back-up plan or two in the bag if needed and of course if you’re able to do that, as this will save disappointment and make it easier to find a new date that works for all your chosen suppliers, not just us.

But we will do everything we can to help find a reschedule date for you as we really want to play for your special day!

We’ve also written another blog post with our insights, help and advice on rescheduling your wedding which we’ll put up shortly, so we recommend having a look at that too 🙂

Like you guys, this isn’t something that we’ve had experience of before and we’re just trying to navigate our way thought it all as are you. We run our band because we have a passion for music but also a passion for making peoples wedding’s that extra bit special so it’s sad when we’re not able to do that…

We’re really looking forward to celebrating with you all when this is all over! We can’t wait to get back to playing and performing again!

Ali & Philippe and the rest of the Licence to Ceilidh gang!


Corona Virus: Covid-19 Licence To Ceilidh

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