Music options for your Micro Wedding or small 30 people reception

If you have a London Micro Wedding or small event coming up and are looking for some live music options, you’re in the right place!

We understand with the current restrictions on weddings most people can’t book a full band if it means cutting some loved ones from the guest list. However we do have some smaller ensembles and music options for different aspects of your special day:



SOLO FLUTE – Classical and/or Traditional Celtic Repertoire (Irish/Scottish music)

SOLO FIDDLE – Traditional Celtic Repertoire (Irish/Scottish music)

FIDDLE & GUITAR DUO – Traditional Celtic Repertoire (Irish/Scottish music)

All three of these options and instrumental only and work fantastic for ceremony music and music during your drinks reception or meal. We can offer up to 2x 45minutes + ceremony aspects for solo musicians or 2x 1 hour sets + ceremony aspects for the Duo.



COVERS TRIO – Singer, Fiddle, Guitar: playing our pop songs repertoire in a slightly more acoustic style and with a slight celtic twist. Classic songs like 9 to 5 and Superstition, but also more modern hits like Valarie and Shut Up and Dance. We can also do a combination of pop songs with traditional tunes to give a bit more of a celtic feel.
– this option would also work great for an afternoon drinks reception. We can offer up to 2x 45minutes of just songs, or 2x 1 hour if some celtic tunes mixed in.

DJ DISCO – You can also book us just for our DJ service on it’s own, we can offer up to 3hours DJ and a discount if booked in addition to any of the live music options.

All available in London and the surrounding areas (Surry, Sussex, Essex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire), or just ask if you have an event further afield.

Just asked us for more information on how we can provide music for your micro wedding or covid-restricted ceremony and reception…

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