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Online Entertainment for at home Christmas Party’s, Office Party’s, Birthday Party’s, St Andrews Night and more…

Are you wondering what to do to bring your colleagues or friends together in a fun but socially distanced way over the festive season, or equally any time in the next 6 months… We’re now offering Zoom Ceilidh’s! Bringing your favourite ceilidh dances live to your living room – live music and a Caller to guide you through the steps, it’s the perfect entertainment for your Zoom gathering.



All the dances are adapted to be suitable to do with just two people only and also suitable for a much smaller dancing space.

We do classic couple only ceilidh dances like the Gay Gordon’s, Canadian Barndance, Military Two-step, St Bernards Waltz, just slightly adapted so you don’t need as much traveling room and continue to dance in the same area. We also augment everyone’s favourite group dances like the Virginia Reel, Circassian Circle & even Dashing White Sergeant adapted so you do all the moves just you and your partner!

We play a couple of tunes between each dance to give everyone a breather and chance to grab a drink before the next one.

We can do an hour straight through or even up to 2x 45minute sets and of course, we’ll finish off with an Auld Lang Syne (we’ll even provide the words!!)



Our Zoom ceilidh’s are a more low key affairs than our usual real life events. To not be too overpowering it’s a 3-piece band. This includes our charismatic Caller entertaining you and teaching the steps with the music played live by our Fiddle & Guitar duo. The same popular Licence to Ceilidh tunes and music, but in a slightly more acoustic style.

We perform live from our living room, direct to yours! To keep costs down for you we’re just filming from our home set-up, but we dress the room with LED lighting and a touch of tartan and wear our famous Licence to Ceilidh tartan uniforms!!

Alternatively a venue or studio can be hired and with this our usual larger 4 or 5-piece band can also be used for those with a bigger budget.




We recommend making it a themed night for extra fun! Have everyone wear their best tartan and highland dress, get attendees to dress their own living room’s if they can or make Scottish food and drinks for the occasion to get into the spirit!



Ceilidh dancing is very hard to do solo. So your guests will need to find a partner, family member, house mate or member of their social bubble to join in and dance with them! – Or get creative! Dance with the hoover, or a broom or mop! Or the ghost that lives in the attic, show us your most creative freestyle moves!



Alternatively we can provide a live, Zoom performance of just music for your online party. Upbeat jigs and reels for everyone to enjoy in their own way from the comfort of their own homes.

We can either offer instrumental music from our Fiddle & Guitar Duo, or add a 3rd instrument like Accordion, or Flute & Whistle player.


We can offer a 3-piece acoustic style trio of our Singer, Fiddle & Guitar to perform our Celtic Covers set for you!

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Zoom Ceilidh’s - Online Entertainment for at home Christmas Party, Office Party, Birthday Party Licence To Ceilidh

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