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Scottish Music and dance options for Wedding’s and Events with Social Distancing…

Are you planning to go ahead with your 2020 Wedding if there are still some restrictions in place? Or would you like to host a small event or party with a Scottish or Celtic theme? We can still provide music options for you and a Socially Distanced Ceilidh if you’d like to try it?

Socially Distanced Ceilidh

You can now have a Ceilidh with us that’s compliant with social distancing guidelines and still includes many of your favourite dances, let us tell you all about it! Our Caller asks everyone to partner within their own household / bubble – this is key to socially distanced Ceilidh dancing. The dances we do then only involve touching and getting close to your partner.

Couple Dances

– all the dances that already only involve dancing with your partner (as opposed to group dances) can be done exactly the same as normal! So this includes: The Gay Gordons, The Military Two-Step, Canadian Barndance, St Bernards Waltz etc. When these dances are done normally you’re only in contact with your partner and you’re stood 1-2 meters away from the couple in front or behind you. So we would carry these out as normal and just give reminders.

Group Dances

– we use a similar format for group dances where you partner within your own household/bubble and then only touch your partner and stay 1 meter+ away from the other couples in your group and on the floor. There are a number of popular and traditional dances we can do like this with only the slightest bit of editing. For instance both the dances The Circassian Circle and The Virginia Reel – the only parts of these dances where you would usually break social distancing is when you hold hands with the people next to you to walk in and out at the beginning of these dances – this can just be done not holding hands and the rest of the moves are just done with your partner anyway.

There are a few other popular ceilidh dances we can do with just very small changes as to not touch and keep distance from the others in your group.

We have also put together a couple of our own new dances using popular moves that only involve touching your partner too. For these group dances we space out the couples in the groups so you’re stood 1meter+ away from the other couples and dancers on the floor and make sure there is ample space for people to dance in. We limit the amount of sets (groups of dancers) on the floor at any one time too, so in a venue where you would normally have 6-8 groups on the floor we would just have 4 (or can even bring this down to 2 if you feel more comfortable with that) so there is plenty of space for everyone.

Precautions we take:

– our caller will continue to remind guests to only partner within their household through out the ceilidh

– our caller will continue to remind dancers to stay 1 meter away from other couples through out the ceilidh

– we’ll limit the number of dancers and groups on the dance floor to make sure everyone has ample space and can keep their distance

– we won’t go too fast and may do an additional quick walk through to make sure guests know where they’re going

– we won’t do any progressive dances where you change partner

– we’ll make sure the band is more than 1 meter away from the dancers

– our caller will also keep to the stage area 1 meter away from the dancers

Additional further precautions you can request:

– we can limit the number of dancers even further to say just 2 or even 1 set (group of dancers) on the floor at any one time, whatever you feel most comfortable with

– guests can wear masks and we can encourage and remind about this through out

– the band can wear masks and our caller can wear a visor

– we can put tape markings on the floor as an extra precaution to keep spacing

– your venue will provide hand sanitisers (and we will have our own on stage for band/caller) but we can also provide additional bottles on request for guests to use and place them specifically around the dancing area


If you’re not sure about the dancing aspect but would still like the ceilidh vibe at your wedding or event we can just perform Celtic music for you without the dancing. Socially distanced Scottish music! We can play upbeat Scottish and Irish traditional tunes, we can also mix some slow tunes and waltz’s in there too if you’d like.


In addition we are also offering a big discount on our Covers band option where we can perform pop songs for you with a Celtic twist.

– We can do 2 sets with a mix of traditional tunes in between the covers songs, or… – or if preferred can do first set just tunes then 2nd set covers song (even up to 1:15hrs covers) which can be a nice option. This is something we do a lot for corporate events as the first set can be a bit more like background and atmosphere while guests mingle, chat and network

– although people can of course get up and have a jig about to these ceilidh tunes if they’d like! Then after a break we do the covers set next as a party set for guests to let their hair down (responsibly) to!

– With this option we can be flexible and even give a bit of socially distanced ceilidh a go in the first set to see how it goes down or how you feel about it, but with the option to move on to something else at any time.


We’re also offering a discount on our DJ and iPod Disco’s too! So you could again have the option of trying some socially distanced ceilidh dancing, or just some Scottish tunes but having our DJ perform for you afterwards, or plugging your iPod in for a disco at the end. – we usually have a time limit of 2hours post band for our disco options but we’re extending it to 2.5hours for you too 🙂

Just get in touch if you have any questions at all…

Socially Distanced Ceilidh & Music Options Licence To Ceilidh

Licence to Ceilidh