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We now offer smaller line-up options to cut the cost of getting a Ceilidh band to your Wedding abroad!

Check out our video of us playing just as a 3-piece band for a recent Wedding in Rome, Italy.



Bringing a band over from the UK may not be as expensive as you might think! We keep our costs as low as possible as we like doing the traveling for destination Weddings… it’s fun to do something a bit different and take a trip with the other guys in the band too. It’s also nice to have the opportunity to play outside as lots of destination weddings are and we don’t get much opportunity to do that for weddings in the UK!

We still provide our usual 5-piece option with drums and bass, if you can hire those. However, the smaller band options make it easier if you can’t get in as much equipment, as well as cheaper. So we also offer a 4-piece option which can be with drums, the traditional Bodhran drum, a Cajon drum or another instrument of your choice. Or the 3-piece option above which is just Caller, Fiddle and Guitar. However, our guitarist also has a bass effect coming from the low notes of his guitar too and we use a “stomp box”, which you stamp your foot on to mimic the bass drum of a full drum kit. This is great for that bit of extra rhythm, particularly for dancing.

The 3-piece is quite a lot cheaper as we also do’t have to pay for flights or accomodation for as many people too. With the full 5-piece we have to hire a bigger car to fit everyone and the two guitars in, so there’s a few factors that you might not think of that can contribute to brining down the costs 🙂

We can also do our Covers set with this smaller line-up too… it’s a lot more of an acoustic set vibe, but it still works really well and keeps everyone dancing!

Find more information about booking a band for your destination here:


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