A13E4416-6B96-4DA8-A8D7-6BFC0849DD6FIn October 2016 Licence to Ceilidh went back to Malta! This time to do a week long residency in the town of St. Julian’s near Valetta!

St Julian’s Bay

St Julian’s Bay was a beautiful town right on the water and a lovely place to spend some time. The hotel we were staying at was a 5 minutes walk further inland near the heart of the night life in St. Julien’s.

Malta Ceilidh Band

St. Julien’s Bay: The Bay 

The Jazz Cave

We were booked at the Jazz Cave which was a new, high end venue right opposite St. Julien’s Bay. The interior of the venue was fantastically decorated and each table had a tablet for you to order your food and drinks without even moving from your seat or hailing a waiter over to your table.

Malta Ceilidh Band

The Jazz Cave: The Venue

Malta Ceilidh Band

Inside The Jazz Cave

European Week

We were playing as part of European week, not doing a ceilidh on this occasion but just performing lots of lively Irish and Scottish tunes for the restaurant patrons to enjoy while eating a meal and having a drink!

Malta Ceilidh Band

Licence to Ceilidh in Malta

The Bavarian Dance Troop

As part of European week there was also a Bavarian traditional dance troop performing in between out set. They were in traditional dress and their set included some dancing with garlands, bell ringing, xylophones and a fantastic Yodel-er!

Malta Ceilidh Band

Bavarian Dance Troop

Mariachi Band

Ceilidh Band Malta

Mariachi Band

They weren’t short on entertainment! In addition to us (Licence to Ceilidh), the house Jazz Band and the Bavarian dance troop, they also had a Mariachi band performing outside of the front of the venue to help welcome guests inside! They were fantastic!

They even let us play a few tunes with them!

Band Selfies

There was lots of time for band selfies:

Scottish music malta

Licence to Ceilidh in Malta


irish music malta

Licence to Ceilidh at the Fish Foot Spa

We were there for a whole week so we had time to relax, enjoy ourselves, check out the nightlife and see what St. Julien’s had to offer! – Licence to Ceilidh take the fish foot spa!

Valetta Day Trip

There was also time to take a day trip into the capitol city of Malta, Valetta which was only a short 15minutes taxi ride away! It was a beautiful city with so much to see and do! Amazing architecture too!

irish music malta

Licence to Ceilidh in Valetta

irish band malta

Licence to Ceilidh in Valetta

Back again for a Wedding

In summary we had a fun trip and are now looking forward to heading back to Malta for a 3rd time!!! This time to play for a Wedding again on the island of Gozo, somewhere we’ve always wanted to visit!

Roll on June for some more Maltease sunshine!

And of course, we are available to play at any other Wedding’s and events in Malta or the rest of Europe!!

Licence to Ceilidh: Matla’s Top Ceilidh Band

scottish music malta

Licence to Ceilidh: Malta’s Top Ceilidh Band