This is the count down of the most interested and exciting Wedding cakes we have come across in 2015!

Number 1: The Mad Hatter Wedding Cake

This is possibly one of the most unique cakes we’ve ever seen but it fit in with the venue and theme of the wedding perfectly as the venue was a quirky house in Norfolk! very eye catching and something we’ll probably never see again!11023430_1066749260011728_784141164479873_o
Number 2: The Winter Wedding Cake

This cake was decorated beautifully with tiny while flowers made of icing, that set on a blue icing base resembled ice and snow! Perfect to fit in with the bride and groom’s winter wedding feel!

We also love the unique feel of the non-uniform tiers on this cake, having layers of different depths and sizes really give it a modern feel!11228040_1067380999948554_3581481306887327182_o
3. Classic Cake

You can’t beat a classic plain tiered wedding cake, done in a traditional style using pillars¬†