Why we love the Circassian Circle ceilidh dance and why you should have it at your wedding ceilidh!

The Circassian Circle is a really fun and simple dance we love to use to kick off the night with as the first ceilidh dance and here’s why:

– you don’t need to find a specific number of people to take part like you do with lots of the longways group ceilidh dances.

Lewes Wedding Ceilidh Dance Band

Circassian Circle at a Licence to Ceilidh Wedding in Sussex

– The most important thing with Ceilidh dancing is that it’s fun and easy and this dance is. All the moves are really simple so it’s really inclusive and won’t scare anyone off of joining in with other dances through the night! It also gives our Caller opportunity to gauge the ability level of the crowd.

– it’s really fun and high energy, it also involves lots of cheering, whooping and swinging around!!!

– You get to look back on hilarious photos of all of your guests pulling crazy shapes and face in the middle of the circle!

Oxford Wedding Ceilidh Band

Ceilidh Dancing at an outdoor wedding in Oxford

– This dance in general always looks great in photos and from any angle! (Like in this beautiful picture below from Minna Rossi Photography)

London Wedding Ceilidh Band

Minaa Rossi Photography – Licence to Ceilidh do the Circassian Circle in London Steam Museum

– we teach the Gay Gordon’s hold for the promenade walk at the end of the Circassian Circle so you’re all set-up ready for the next dance of the night… the Gay Gordon’s!

– we teach how to set to your partner in the Circassian so you have that ready for your Dashing White Sergeant later on too!

So there are all of the reasons why we love this one and why we think you should have it at your Wedding Ceilidh! But we can kick off the night with any dance of your choice! We’re often requested to start with a Gay Gordon’s and we have lots of other nice Ceilidh first dance suggestions for you to choose from!

Find out more about what a ceilidh is and the ceilidh dances we can offer at your wedding on our ‘What Is a Ceilidh?” page here: https://www.licencetoceilidh.co.uk/what-is-ceilidh/

What’s your favourite Ceilidh dance?

Childerly Hall Ceilidh Band Cambridge Wedding

Circassian Circle with Licence To Ceilidh at Childerly Hall