Having a ceilidh is the perfect form of entertainment at a Wedding because it’s so inclusive, everyone can take part – you may have heard our famous line “whether young, old, or with two left feet”! It’s so true.

Wedding Ceilidh Scottish Sussex

Wedding Ceilidh at Ashdown Park Hotel, East Sussex. Band: Licence to Ceilidh

Particularly with Licence to Ceilidh the dances we do are all geared up for beginners and to be suitable for a mixed crowd of ages and abilities. There is something for everyone to enjoy, from your grandparents favourite waltz to an easy group dance your youngest niece or nephew can take part in – we actually find children often pick up the dances better than adults (which may be to do with the champagne during speeches!!).

London Ceilidh

Children Dancing at a Ceilidh –


A ceilidh keeps all the action for your evening wedding reception on the dance floor so you’re guests have the same shared experience, to talk about for years to come!


It’s different! Everyone wants something unique at their wedding and a ceilidh meets that criteria!

These days Ceilidh’s aren’t just popular with wedding couples who have Irish or Scottish roots, they’re popular with couples that just want something fun and unique at their evening reception!

You could spend hours browsing Pinterest for the best unique wedding ideas – or you could just book a Ceilidh band!

London Ceilidh Band Wedding

Licence to Ceilidh Unique Wedding


It’s something your guests will remember for years to come!

So many weddings have a DJ only or a bog standard pop band which won’t stick out in your guests minds when they remember back to your big day…

A ceilidh on the other hand will! Particularly a ceilidh with a band like Licence to Ceilidh that have a distinctive look – guests will remember those tartan dresses!

Something for Everyone!

When choosing your wedding entertainment you’ll probably be worrying about catering to everyone’s personal music tastes, which can be very difficult. But with a ceilidh band, particularly one like Licence to Ceilidh who include a range of sounds and genres as part of their music, there is really something for everyone to listen to and enjoy!

Lewes Wedding Ceilidh

Licence to Ceilidh Ceilidh Band Wedding Group Dance