Should you have a Sweetie Table at your wedding – in short the answer is yes!


It’s just a nice touch and something that you’re guests will remember!


Out of all of the wedding ideas out there it’s one of the cheapest you can find but your guests will think it’s really generous.

Sweetie Table Wedding Ideas

Sweetie Table at Wedding: LOVE


On Theme!

Your sweetie platter also doubles up as decoration in your venue! Having nice jars with colourful sweeties on a table or sideboard looks attractive and can replace flower displays in some places.

You can theme all of your sweets to be one colour to be in keeping with the colour scheme of your wedding! All blue for example! (only the blue M&M’s!)

Or if you have family over from abroad, provide some famous sweets from their home – e.g. Hershey’s chocolates for anyone coming from the US!

Or we do a lot of wedding with Tunnox wafers and teacakes for the Scottish contingent!

Sweetie Table Wedding Ideas

Sweetie Table at Wedding: Wedding Inspiration



Why not choose old fashioned sweets or your favourite childhood snacks! Think flying saucers and flumps! Or good old fashioned rhubarb and custard!

You can’t go wrong with a classic cola bottle!


You can find companies that do it for you and provide a pre decorated wedding cart with all your sweets and bag provided for one set fee.

Sweetie Table Wedding Ideas

Sweeties at Wedding in Malta



Buy sweets in bulk from websites like: Party Delights or Macro.

Buy Jars for cheap in home stores, places like: Wilkinsons, Primark and The Range are great for this sort of thing. Or even your local supermarket will have some!

Take your time and buy them as and when you see them through the course of your wedding planning – mismatched jars of different styles, sizes and shapes are always best and give a really unique feel. Perfect for that Shabby Chic / Rustic Barn wedding theme!

Create your own sign!

Sweetie Table Wedding Ideas

Sweetie Table at Wedding: Buxted Park Hotel



Decorate your own jars with ribbons for that personal, on theme, finishing touch!

Order personalised Sweetie bags for your guests to take home and keep on Ebay or Amazon!

Sweetie Bags Wedding Ideas

Personalise Sweetie Bags: Wedding Ideas